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FREE35 RDF (Stainless Steel) FLOW RATE 10,000 GPH

Free RDFSKU: Free35

Sale price$4,240


Price includes a Spray pump and a Control box.
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FLOW RATE 10,000 GPH (35 m3/h)

SIZE [Cm] (LxWxH) 60cm x 60cm x 61cm
SIZE [In] (LxWxH) 23.6" x 23.6" x 24.0"
INLET Two(2) 3 Inch and Two(2) 4 Inch
OUTLET Three(3) 4 InchStainless Steel Construction

Stainless steel construction withstands the harsh conditions in any koi pond environment. Durable 70 micron mesh gives crystal clear water while maintaining excellent flow rates.

Fully Sealed with UV Silicon

The silicone sealing mechanism is UV-resistant, simple design for reliable and excellent seal.

Control Box and Safety Features

Control box features a simple ‘plug & play’ design that is easy to use, stable and durable, with easy maintenance while still handling all complex operations. Can operate in fully automatic mode (AUTOMATIC) or custom timer mode (MANUAL).

Easy Access Waste Tray

Large sloping open waste tray, leading to a large discharge pipe that makes it easy for waste to be pushed out. Easy access to remove leaves and large debris.

High Flow - Compact Size

Optimized design for maximum submerged drum’s surface area for maximum flow in a smallest possible installation space. Top of the filter sits about 4 inch above water level allowing for low installation height.

Open and visible Design

Open design input/output chambers with transparent lid for easily access and observation of water level, degree of dirtiness or any debris and leaves

Multi Inputs - Outputs Design

Designed with maximum number of inlets and outlets allow for many inputs: skimmers, bottom drains, Midwater intake etc... and many outputs to multiple pumps or bio tanks

Bypass Flow

Filters are equipped with bypass ports (varied by models) which can be manually opened for emergency maintenance to allow water to continue flowing, bypassing the mesh drum.

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