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Cloudy, discolored water is caused by overfeeding, algae blooms, gravel dust and other suspended particles that are too fine to be removed by mechanical filtration and stay in the water column. Fritz Pond Clarifier rapidly clears water by pulling together (flocculating) fine particles, allowing them to be removed by the filter or settle to the bottom, leaving your pond or water garden crystal clear. Fritz Pond Clarifier will not interfere with bio-filtration, pH or other important water parameters like other brands. Safe for all fish, ornamental plants, and wildlife. 100% phosphate free. Will not contribute to future cloudy water issues.


·         Easy to use, inexpensive, concentrated formula

·         Helps keep a crystal clear pond

·         Clumps together suspended particles that affect clarity

·         Improves filter effectiveness

·         Safe for all fish, ornamental plants, and wildlife

·         Made in USA




Add 1 tsp (5 ml) per 50 US Gallons (189 Liters). Each cup treats 2,400 gallons. Shake well before using. For best results, pour into an area with high water current. Your pond will begin to clear in three hours or less. Repeat as needed, waiting 24 hours between treatments. ATTENTION: Make sure there is adequate aeration prior to using any type of clarifier, especially during warmer months. Decomposing organic matter will reduce the oxygen level in pond water. 16oz treats 4,800 Gallons.

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